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AS I think you are just an evil, bitter OLD, alcoholic sex FIEND who needs therapy yourself!

June 15, 2009



EM starting over again! NO MORE BROKEASSES! geez! must i always wear tha pants?

June 10, 2009


FC has finally given in to the couple-y profile pic (on principle: ewww), but only because her boyf is so damn cute and the world deserves to know… :D

June 9, 2009


Submitted by J.

EM i8 really dont understand why when i dump guys that they dont get it and keep trying to crawl back! NEXT! LUKAS MAREK IS A CREEP

May 12, 2009


WM You wasn’t worth my time, so i am leavin you behind, dWhat an immature douche- ME ;) ‘Nuff Said

May 7, 2009